The New Zealand Story
By David and Susan Cole

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This generation is desperate and searching for reality. Jesus is that reality!
A remarkable journey of faith and dependence upon God, this story takes you inside the Impact World Tour in New Zealand, during which more than twenty-five thousand people committed their lives to Christ in a three-month period. Witness God's incredible provision as people place their trust in Him, and be challenged and emboldened to step out in faith.
"If you want more than an inspiring story, if you want to see the principles of harvest and transformation lived out, then this text is your companion, handbook, and personal guide".
John Dawson - President, YWAM International
"So much happened in and through Impact World Tour New Zealand. Thousands encountered Christ, and the church found a renewed boldness. Public proclamation and 24/7 prayer began to partner together. All of this is just the beginning of what is coming."
Mark Anderson - International Director, Impact World Tour
Pages: 250 (paperback)

  • Publisher: YWAM PUBLISHING
  • ISBN: 9781576584088
  • SKU: 84089

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