The Captive Princess
By Wendy Lawton

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The Daughters of the Faith Series gives tweens fascinating character-building stories of real girls from history who did extraordinary things for God.
Once upon a time there was an Algonquin princess named Pocahontas, a curious 10-year-old who loves exploring the tidewater lands of her people. One day she encounters strangers, a group of people that look different from her own. She befriends them, and when her people come into conflict with these new settlers, Pocahontas steps in to save the life of one of them by offering her own.
Based on the true story of Pocahontas' early life.
Pages: 150 (paperback)
Ages: 9-14

  • Publisher: Moody Publishers
  • ISBN: 9780802476401
  • SKU: 76401D

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