Freedom's Pen
By Wendy Lawton

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A Story Based on the Life of Phillis Wheatley
In 1761, a little girl who came to be named Phillis was captured and taken from all she'd ever know in Africa, and brought to America as a slave.
Phillis Wheatley was just seven years old when she learned her first words in English and knew she wanted to learn how to make her writing sing. A natural gift for poetry led Phillis on journeys that would bring worldwide acclaim and many opportunities to share her faith.
By the time she was twelve Phillis had become famous, even coming to the attention of George Washington himself. She spoke clearly in favor of American Independence from Britain, the end of slavery and faithfulness to God.

Pages: 144 (paperback)
Ages: 9-14

  • Publisher: Moody Press
  • ISBN: 9780802476395
  • SKU: 76395d

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