How Hundreds of Thousands of Muslims Are Falling in Love With Jesus
By Jerry Trousdale

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Discover the sometimes humorous, often sobering, but encouraging true stories of how Muslim leaders and entire communities are embracing Christ.

Miraculous Movements recounts an amazing change taking place within Muslim communities where the truth of Jesus Christ is turning around the lives of many thousands of Muslims. This close look at what the Lord is doing to spread the gospel highlights the key scriptural principles that help Christians reach out in love to share the gospel in their own community. The author outlines the principle of service to others that will open doors of opportunity to the work of the gospel.

  • Find out how to more effectively share the gospel through touching stories of how God is transforming Muslim hearts in Africa
  • Discover ways to reach out to communities of nonbelievers with love and grace
  • Learn the key scriptural principles for successful, God-inspired discipleship
Pages: 208 (paperback)
  • Publisher: Thomas Nelson
  • ISBN: 9781418547288
  • SKU: 47288d

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