The Bible Smuggler Who Brought Light Into the Dark Kingdom of Korea

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Young Robert Jermain Thomas is a promising Welsh minister with a gift for new languages. For Robert, there is no doubt God wants him to use his abilities to bring the Gospel of Jesus to the Far East. But when he suffers tragedy in China, Robert loses direction and hope. That is, until he meets two Christian fishermen from the "Hermit Kingdom" of Korea who want to know more. Though Christianity is illegal and Westerners forbidden, Robert has a new mission: to bring the Word of God to the Korean people, no matter the cost. What will Robert have to sacrifice to share God's Word with Korea?

The Torchlighters is a series of animated programs for youth ages 8-12, presenting the lives of true-life heroes from Christian history. When kids see what God can do through a 'Torchlighter' who is devoted to carrying out His will and purposes, they too may want to carry a torch of faith by serving Him.

DVD Special Features:

  • English and Spanish languages with optional English and Spanish subtitles
  • 'Robert Jermain Thomas' a 27-minute documentary
  • Comprehensive leader’s guide with lesson plans, background information, and more
  • Reproducible student handouts, including comprehension and discussion questions, puzzles, activities, coloring, and more
Time: 30 minutes + extras
Ages: 8-12

  • Publisher: Vision Video
  • ISBN: 01645d
  • SKU: 01645d

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