CHRISTIAN HEROES: THEN & NOW - for Juice Box Homeschool Followers
By Janet and Geoff Benge

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Christian Heroes: Then & Now
is a best-selling, missionary biography series, chronicling the exciting, challenging, and deeply touching true stories of ordinary men and women whose trust in God accomplished extraordinary exploits for His kingdom and glory.

Real people, incredible, inspiring true stories for ages 10 & up. We believe these books are the best written, non-fiction biographies available for the entire family to enjoy together!

Gladys Aylward: The Adventure of A Lifetime
Gladys Aylward, a housemaid from England, dared to trust God in the face of dire and seemingly hopeless circumstances. Her amazing adventure of faith and determination is one of the truly great missionary stories of our era (1902-1970). Paperback, 208 pages

C.S. Lewis: Master Storyteller
In an era marked by two world wars, Lewis attacked tough questions about life and faith headfirst. Convinced that the story of Jesus Christ is the truest of all stories, and known for searching out the truth with honesty, clarity, and imagination, the former atheist would become one of the most influential Christians of the twentieth century (1898-1963). Paperback, 189 pages

Corrie ten Boom: Keeper of the Angels' Den
Corrie ten Boom's life of determination, faith, and forgiveness in the face of unimaginable brutality and hardship is a stunning testimony of the sustaining power of God (1892-1983).Paperback, 208 pages

Hudson Taylor: Deep in the Heart of China

With his heart set in determined obedience to God, and trusting his provision of the One who had called him, Hudson overcame persecution and almost overwhelming personal losses to bring God's truth to the "ripe harvest fields" of China. Today, Hudson Taylor's story continues to challenge and inspire believers to carry the anchoring gospel message, regardless of personal trials or hardships, to those to are adrift and without hope (1832-1905). Paperback, 208 pages.

Elisabeth Elliot: Joyful Surrender
Elisabeth kept a detailed journal of her life and missionary service. She returned to the United States after many years in South America, becoming one of the most influential Christian women of our time. A prolific author, speaker, and radio host, she passes on a message of joyful surrender to the world (1926-2015). Paperback, 240 pages.


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