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Discover the unique biography series that brings the shaping of history to life with the remarkable true stories of fascinating men and women who changed the course of history. This is a premier biography line for the entire family. Five exciting biographies!

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RONALD REAGAN: Destiny at His Side
From his early days living in small-town poverty, young Dutch Reagan's thoughts were always on the future. Whether helping his family through financial hard times or doggedly pursuing opportunities reserved for the few, Dutch knew that all the knowledge that he had absorbed over the years was waiting inside him for a chance to come out. Achieving success as an athlete, sports announcer, and actor, Ronald Reagan discovered his greatest role late in life - as the fortieth president of the United States and "The Great Communicator," a man with the ability to reach out to the American people and leave a lasting legacy (1911-2004). 
Paperback is 224 pages, audio CD is 5:47 hours

DWIGHT EISENHOWER: Supreme Commander
Born in Denison, Texas, Eisenhower grew up poor in Abilene, Kansas. After graduating from the US Military Academy at West Point, Ike entered army service, commanding tank training in WWI and afterward, serving in Central America, Europe, and the Philippines. During WWII Ike directed US forces in Europe, eventually becoming supreme commander of Allied forces and leading the invasion of Nazi-occupied Europe. A lifetime of service, sacrifice, and humility shone brightly on the world stage for the brilliant general who would become the thirty-fourth president of the United States (1890-1969). Paperback is 208 pages, audio CD is 5:17 hours

Whether masterminding strategy and fighting on the front lines to secure Allied victory in World War I and World War II or guiding war-torn nations to recovery in peacetime, General MacArthur faced every challenge with courage and resolve. The five-star general began his honored army career by leading his fellow cadets at West Point and ultimately commanded all U.S. forces in Asia. Remembered especially for directing the fight against Japanese expansion during WWII and later governing the defeated Japanese people with grace and wisdom, General MacArthur won the respect of millions, both allies and enemies (1880-1964). Paperback is 224 pages, audio CD is 5:16 hours

A magnet for trouble as a boy, Louis Zamperini determined to create a new path for himself. Nicknamed the "Torrance Tornado," he set national records and traveled to the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin. His resolve as a runner was matched by his will to survive a plane crash, weeks adrift at sea, and years in a prison camp. This American hero encouraged countless others to have faith and to persevere through trials, revealing that no life is beyond redemption (1917-2014). Paperback is 220 pages, audio CD is 5:34 hours

BILLY GRAHAM: America's Pastor
The oldest son of dairy farmers from Charlotte, North Carolina, young Billy Graham attended evangelical revival meetings that inspired him for the rest of his life. As an ordained minister, he rose to prominence and would subsequently preach the Christian message to over 200 million people in 185 countries. Graham championed civil rights, befriended US politicians and presidents, and traveled the world to places no one else dared to go. His life and ministry have shaped the spiritual life of America and offers hope for the future - inspiring new generations of leaders willing to serve with courage, integrity, and vision. Graham's message continues to ring true today: There is opportunity for repentance, and for a great light to shine -- the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ (1918-2018). Paperback is 208 pages, audio CD is 5:15 hours

All five audio CDs are read by Tim Gregory.
Please note that the Dwight Eisenhower audio CD is in MP3 format.

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