HEROES FOR YOUNG READERS - for Jada Dannielle Followers
By Renee Taft Meloche Illustrated by Bryan Pollard

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Heroes for Young Readers introduces younger children to the lives of Christian heroes! Whether reading for themselves or being read to, children love the captivating rhyming poems and unforgettable color illustrations of the Heroes for Young Readers series.

Real people, incredible, inspiring true stories for ages 4 to 8. We believe these 32 page, fully illustrated hardcover books are great for families to read and enjoy together! 


Amy Carmichael: Rescuing the Children
Amy Carmichael was still a child when an encounter with a poor girl her age changed the course of her life and in turn the lives of countless others. As she grew up, Amy kept her promise to help others, ultimately rescuing hundreds of women and children from the hopelessness of poverty, oppression, and life without Christ. First in the slums of Northern Ireland and later in far-away India, Amy reached out to others in love, faith, and compassion. Now Heroes for Young Readers makes Amy Carmichael's remarkable story available in this picture book all ages will treasure (1867-1951).

David Livingstone: Courageous Explorer
Fascinated by the world outside his dreary Scottish mill town, young boy David Livingstone read every science book he could find and dreamed of exploring unknown lands. When he grew up, he followed his dreams, becoming a missionary doctor in faraway Africa. There he ventured bravely into places no other white man had been, healing people's bodies with his medical skills and reaching their hearts with the gospel of Christ (1813-1873).

Hudson Taylor: Friend of China
Other missionaries laughed when blond-haired, blue-eyed Hudson Taylor announced his plans to serve God among the people of China. He was so pale; the Chinese would think he was a ghost! But Hudson knew that God had called him to spread the gospel in that ancient land, and he believed that God would help him. This young man's faith led to the founding of the China Inland Mission and firmly established the gospel of Jesus in the hearts of Chinese people (1832-1905).

William Carey: Bearer of Good News
At a time when most Christians never considered the millions of people in other countries who didn't know Jesus, William Carey dedicated his life to bringing the Good News to people who had never heard it. Leaving his familiar life in England behind, William sailed to far-away India where he devoted himself to translating the Bible into the native languages. Through tragedy and triumph, William never gave up, leaving us an inspiring legacy of service and sacrifice (1761-1934).

Lottie Moon: A Generous Offering
Born into a privileged family in the American South, Lottie Moon knew what it was like to have anything she wanted. When she became a missionary to some of the poorest cities in China, she discovered what it felt like to have nothing to eat. But in all circumstances, Lottie's first priority was helping others learn about God's love. Risking her life, Lottie courageously fought fires, invented clever disguises, and fended off angry mobs to protect others (1840-1912).


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