HEROES OF HISTORY - For Life on a Ranch Homeschool Followers
By Janet and Geoff Benge

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Heroes of History is a unique biography series that brings the shaping of history to life with the remarkable true stories of fascinating men and women who changed the course of history.
The stories of Heroes of History are told in an engaging narrative format, where related history, geography, government, and science topics come to life and make a lasting impression. This is a premier biography line for the entire family.

Real people, incredible, inspiring true stories for ages 10 & up. We believe these books are the best written, non-fiction biographies available for the entire family to enjoy together!

Once a kidnapped slave baby, George Washington Carver found freedom in learning everything he could about the world around him. Overcoming poverty and racism, George became a brilliant scientist and a gifted professor who dedicated his expertise to helping black farmers escape the devastating grip of poverty. George's scientific creativity knew no limits. His ingenious experimentation with peanuts and other plants helped rescue the failing Southern economy. Still remembered for his far-reaching and diverse achievements, Dr. Carver generously shared his talent simply for the reward of helping others (1864?-1943)
Paperback, 192 pages. Audiobook (4 CDs), 4:50 hours.

DANIEL BOONE: Frontiersman
In search of open spaces and land to call his own, Daniel Boone fearlessly led a band of brave settlers into the bountiful Kentucky wilderness. Daniel's expert hunting ability, incredible outdoor survival skills, and courage under fire helped his companions stay alive in a dangerous and unknown land despite threatening encounters with soldiers, Indians, and even other settlers. Daniel Boone's lifelong quest for adventure made him a spirited leader. His heroic accomplishments on the frontier made him an American legend for all time (1734-1820). 
Paperback, 224 pages. Audiobook (4 CDs), 5:00 hours.

Growing up in Greene County, Tennessee, Davy Crockett was educated through the toil of hard labor. Working as a farm hand and wagon driver, he learned about the people and the land of the West—and he was captivated. One of America’s best-known folk heroes, Crockett served as a frontiersman, a scout, a soldier, and a politician in the U.S. Congress. He died defending the Alamo, a steadfast citizen and heroic leader to the very end (1786–1836).
Paperback, 192 pages. Audiobook (4 CDs), 4:44 hours

A pioneer, teacher, farmer's wife, and storyteller, Laura Ingalls Wilder experienced one of the most exciting times in American history - history that this gifted writer brought to life for millions and preserved for generations to come (1867-1957). 
Paperback, 192 pages. Audiobook
(5 CDs), 5:00 hours

MERIWETHER LEWIS: Off the Edge of the Map
Meriwether Lewis had been commissioned by President Jefferson to lead a daring expedition so remarkable it would become one of the most famous explorations in history. He chose as his co-captain William Clark. Their mission: to find a land route to the Pacific Ocean while learning as much as possible about the thousands of miles of unexplored territory they struggled through. Even as a child, Meriwether Lewis was known for courage and clear thinking in a crisis. Now he was determined to succeed in the vast task laid before him by a nation thirsty to know what lay off the edge of the map (1774-1809).
Paperback, 232 pages. Audiobook (6 CDs), 6:36 hours


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