By Dean Sherman

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This seminar series from Dean Sherman contains four sessions:

Session 1 of 4: Grace
This is a new, fresh look at what God's grace is, and how we can receive this free gift. Dean speaks of the grace-space that we all have, unique to us, that God designed, so that we could live lives free of condemnation.

Session 2 of 4: Rest
This session is designed to show us how to receive a true sense of resting in God, and still live an active, full life of serving him. Dean challenges us to spend time in the word as a way to enter into God's rest.

Session 3 of 4: Fathering
The Fathering session teaches us to understand God's true heart, to let us know that we are really brothers and sisters of Christ. We are adopted by God, and can walk in His authority because we carry His name, not our own.

Session 4 of 4: Blessing
Dean Sherman explains what blessings are through sharing views of what blessings have meant biblically, and throughout different cultures of the world. Blessings are ours to receive and they are direct from the heart of the Father to us. This session also teaches how to be a blessing, how to speak and pray blessings over life situations, and how to walk in assured faith knowing that God has set blessings throughout the bible as a way for us to know his heart.

Minutes: Each DVD is 50 minutes long.

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  • Publisher: Crown Ministries
  • ISBN: 1-57658-345-7
  • SKU: 83457

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