Discovering the Answers to Life's Most Important Questions
By Donald A. Bierle, Ph.D

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You Think. You Wonder. And the questions keep nagging at your mind...

  • Is there a reason that I exists? Or am I just the result of change?
  • Why should I believe in God? Is there any real evidence?
  • How can I know that what the Bible says is true?
  • Is Jesus just a myth, or is he the Son of God?
  • Is faith reasonable or just an anti-intellectual blind leap?
  • Is a fulfilling, meaningful relationship with God possible?
Questions like these prompted Don Bierle to begin his own search for meaning and purpose while still in college. At first, he was convinced that science would provide answers. But when science disappointed him, he began exploring spiritual options and was amazed by what he discovered about Christianity. In FaithSearch, Don invites you to retrace the steps he traveled on his own faith journey. You won't have to trash your brains on this venture.
This unique study guide:

  • leads you on a field trip through the New Testament to discover what Jesus' eyewitnesses actually saw and heard
  • provides intriguing details from archeological and historical discoveries that confirm the reality of people, places, and events of the Bible
  • includes side-notes that give insight into life in Jesus' day and definitions that help you understand this book's terms
  • allows you to pause along the way to look up Bible verses and to ponder and respond to what you've read
  • is divided into weekly and daily sections for individual or group study
A great study guide for teens that invites them to use their heads in an investigation of Christianity and the Bible. Includes weekly and/or daily sections for individual or group study.
Pages: 128 (paperback)

  • Publisher: Emerald Books
  • ISBN: 9781883002688
  • SKU: 02680

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