Welcome to YWAM Publishing's Affiliate Program!
Add an online Christian bookstore to your website. Receive income for your ministry, school, or fundraiser as you spread the word of Christ.

YWAM Publishing offers a  10% commission of the total amount of purchase (excluding shipping charges and sales tax) for every referral that comes directly from your unique affiliate link.

Why Should You Join YWAM Publishing’s Affiliate Program? 

  •  YWAM Publishing offers a comprehensive selection of over 1,000 Christian books and resources at highly discounted prices
  •  Including access to YWAM Publishing resources adds value and content to your site
  •  Own a bookstore without the overhead, order fulfillment and inventory hassles
  •  We ship to anywhere in the world
  •  Receive income for your ministry or yourself with little time and money invested
  •  There is no charge to become an YWAM Publishing affiliate
  •  Christian books change lives, and are an excellent, non-intrusive way to spread the Word


How Does it Work? 

  •  Once your application has been approved, you will be issued a unique Affiliate ID number, used to track all the referrals from your site
  •  Strategically place link(s) on your site that take your visitor to our bookstore (home page)
  •  When a visitor to your site clicks through your unique link to YWAM Publishing and makes a purchase (no minimum purchase requirements), you earn 10% of the total purchase (excluding shipping charges and taxes) which will be credited to your account. Once a customer has been logged as your referral, you will continue to receive commission on their online purchases, even if they don’t follow your link the next time.
  •  Once your account reaches $250, we will send a check to the address you specified in your application, or twice a year (June and December), whichever comes first. If commission is under $10, it will carry over to the next period until it exceeds $10.


How to Link

The link to our site, in order to receive credit for referrals, should always contain your unique affiliate number. The format to use is: 

http://www.ywampublishing.com/default.aspx?affiliateid=XXXXX    (replace xxxxx with your unique Affiliate ID number)

This link takes your visitor directly to our home page (front page). The visitor can then navigate from there using the search feature or the navigation buttons.


Affiliate Banners

If you want to link directly to our site using a banner, or if you would like a banner to place your link in, go to our website here. The page has several banners you can choose from to copy and paste and use on your website. When using this banner, make sure to embed your unique link into the banner.


How to Sign Up

To join our affiliate program, please email [email protected] with your contact information, including email and website URL.


If you are an existing affiliate and have questions, want to change your information, or know the status of your account, please email [email protected]

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