A Biblical Theology for What You Do Every Day
By Darrow L. Miller

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We spend 50 to 75 percent of our waking hours and 60 to 90 percent of the years of our lives working. Yet many of us never invest even a fraction of that time exploring the vision that drives our lives and work.
We've lost the framework in which it is understood that our lives and work are in relationship - in relationship to God through worship, to others through service, and to creation through stewardship. Our lives and work have largely been separated from their mission, and this ultimately stems from a loss of the biblical worldview.
LifeWork lays out the thought background for each of us to establish a meaningful, integrated understanding of our life and work. Whatever our work or vocation, God calls each of us to a new way of living - fully in His presence.

In this follow-up book to Discipling Nations, Darrow Miller helps us - that is, every Christian - to reconnect our lives and work, our LifeWork, with God's plan for individuals, communities, and nations. This is a carefully researched, down-to-earth, life-altering book that every Christian should read.


  • True stories of people who have successfully integrated their faith and work
  • Informative graphics and illustrations
  • Excellent study of worldviews, culture, and biblical economics
  • Indexes and helpful resources
"LifeWork enlarges vision and passion for taking up our high calling of culture making, joining King Jesus on His mission of healing our broken planet."
- Amy L. Sherman, director, Center on Faith in Communities
"Having worked among the poorest of the poor, Darrow Miller has credibility when he writes about the sources of poverty. With his characteristic thoroughness and gentleness, he builds a case for the worldview basis of work and wealth creation."
- Nancy Pearcey, author of Total Truth
Pages: 400 (paperback)

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  • ISBN: 9781576584064
  • SKU: 84064

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