Missions and Evangelism
Intensive Discipleship Course
By Vinnie Carafano

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  • What has God put on your heart?
  • How much do you know about world issues and God's attitude toward them?
  • What can you do in the face of rampant poverty, violence, injustice, and hopelessness?
  • Are you prepared to follow God and live out His compassion wherever He leads?

Many young Christians are ready for a challenge. Knowing God's Heart is a book about destiny, purpose, and calling. It directs readers to a life of fulfilling the plans of God and the purposes for which He created them.

Studying missions is a dangerous thing. It leaves you with more responsibility to take action. Sometimes it's easier not to know . . . but would you prefer ignorance? Millions die each year without knowing the love of Jesus Christ. Millions are impoverished, homeless, abused, unloved, and lonely. This book will show you God's compassion for a broken world and give you the tools you need to follow Him into places where the light of Christ is yet to shine.

Each volume in the Intensive Discipleship Course is a twelve-week, life-changing exercise of commitment and learning. Developed from years of student ministry experience, the course is designed specifically for high-school and college students, as individuals or in groups.

Students will learn from…

  • Challenging weekly teachings
  • Learning evaluations
  • Mission and book reports
  • Resources for continued growth
  • Daily Bible reading
  • Scripture memory
  • Prayer and fasting

What students are saying…

Knowing God's Heart has fed my passion for the lost and needy . . . and showed me the depth of spiritual need in the world.
Shelby, age 18

Knowing God's Heart was a real eye-opener. It taught me so many things that I will use, not only now, but throughout my entire life.
Bethany, age 16

What leaders are saying…

Having worked with the Carafanos for many years, we have personally seen the truth and fruit of what Vinnie writes about. Most impressive is Vinnie's character and passion to train and lead youth into ministry and missions. What he writes, he lives. What he lives, he multiplies. What he multiplies through those he disciples is a great, great blessing.
Tim Gillette-international director, KKI Taiwan

I have seen Vinnie Carafano's deep commitment to share the heart of Christ with youth. His understanding of young people has helped transform many lives internationally.

Nitin Sardar-chairman of DinBandhu Ministries, India

Pages: 176 (8.5 X 11 workbook, paperback)

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