Nurturing Your Marriage Through the Homeschool Years
By Heidi St. John

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Homeschooling offers parents the best opportunity to shepherd their children both academically and spiritually. Yes. It's worth it. But do you ever feel as if your life is "all homeschool - all the time?"

Do you ever wonder where the girl your husband married went? This book is for every mom who has collapsed into bed at the end of the day, looked into the eyes of her husband and promised "tomorrow" she'd have time for him. Trouble is, tomorrow finds her more exhausted than the day before.

If you have ever felt caught between the demands of homeschooling your children and meeting the needs of your husband, your're not alone. Read and discover how even a busy homeschool mom can make time to nurture her marriage. It's not as hard as you think - and more important than you may realize.

Heidi St. John has been married to her husband Jay since 1989. They have seven children and have homeschooled all the way through high school. A favorite conference speaker, Heidi approaches homeschooling with humor and grace at events all across North America. Jay and Heidi are als the founders and executive directors of Firmly Planted Family, a parachurch organization dedicated to helping families be grounded in Christ as well as promoting homeschooling.

Pages: 168 (paperback)
  • Publisher: Emerald Books
  • ISBN: 9781624860737
  • SKU: 60737d

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