Laura Ingalls Wilder: A Little House Life
By Renee Taft Meloche Illustrated by Bryan Pollard

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Rhyming, hardcover picture books all ages will treasure! Introduce young children to the exciting true stories of heroes of history!

Laura and her family rode
by wagon one cold day. 
The new home they were moving to
was very far away.

Two horses pulled their wagon through 
large lakes of ice and snow
before there were such things as cars, 
a long, long time ago.

When her family settled in Plum Creek far away from their previous home, new adventures, dramatic landscapes, and extreme weather awaited Laura Ingalls Wilder. Growing up to be a teacher, farmer's wife, and storyteller, Laura lived through one of the most exciting times in American history. Through her beloved books, including Little House on the Prairie, she captured the pioneering  life for millions of readers and many generations to come. Now Heroes of History for Young Readers makes Laura Ingalls Wilder's remarkable story available in this picture book all ages will treasure (1867-1957).

Whether reading for themselves or being read to, children love the captivating rhyming poems and unforgettable color illustrations of the Heroes of History for Young Readers series.

Pages: 32 (hardcover, fully illustrated)
Ages: 5-10

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  • Publisher: Emerald Books
  • ISBN: 9781624860966
  • SKU: 60966

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