Patrick Johnstone

Patrick Johnstone was the first of six children in a busy doctor's home. He had a nominal Christian upbringing but had no knowledge of the gospel until a friend at university confronted him with the claims of Christ. After completing an honors degree in Chemistry at Bristol University, Patrick taught for a year before leaving for Bible School, followed by service with the Dorothea Mission in southern Africa.

Ministries in Africa were largely itinerant urban church-based evangelism, plus discipleship training. Based in Zimbabwe, the team accepted invitations to Kenya, Botswana, Mozambique and South Africa. Patrick married a fellow missionary, Jill, and they had three children. As a sideline, Patrick was involved in Bible translation. He is well known and respected as a researcher and author of the first six editions of  Operation World, a book which has done much to spur prayer for the nations of the world.

The Unreached Peoples
Operation World

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