In partnership with Action International Ministries, the printing, and distribution of 
Christian Heroes: Then & Now titles is now taking place in CUBA!

Brian Stewart, Action’s Cuba Director, writes, “Christian books are scarce in Cuba, and when available they are normally reserved for pastors. To have these books available for teens and college students is an amazing blessing! We are grateful to YWAM for this opportunity.”

Due to Cuba’s isolation over the past decades, believers there understand ‘missionaries’ to be church-planters within their culture. They are not aware of the rich cross-cultural missions history of the Church outside their borders.

Names that are well-known to us, such as William Carey, George Muller, Hudson Taylor, and David Livingstone, are unknown in Cuba,” Stewart says. “So, the richness of those lives and testimonies has not been available for them to learn from, and be inspired by.”

300 copies of “George Muller” and 300 copies of “Hudson Taylor” have already been printed and distributed in Cuba, and there are plans to print thousands more (plus additional titles from the Christian Heroes: Then & Now series) in the coming months.

Please consider joining with us in this important project. Your gift of only $3 per book will challenge readers to a deeper and living walk with God, plant the seed of world missions in this isolated country, and impact the lives of many as each book will have multiple readings as it is passed by hand from reader to reader.

100% of your tax-deductible gift will be directed to this long-awaited opportunity.
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