Darlene Cunningham

Darlene was born in Vancouver, Canada. From an early age, she was aware of a distinct calling from God on her life. The course of that call became clarified forever when she met Loren, a handsome, young man-with-a-vision. Their common vision led to a deeper relationship.

After marrying Loren in 1963, Darlene helped lead the fledgling Youth With A Mission. She is considered YWAM’s co-founder. Darlene is also the International Vice-Chancellor of YWAM’s University of the Nations.

Over the years Darlene has consistently invested in YWAM in ways that have been foundational for the mission. She played a big role in the development of YWAM’s Foundational Values. She has also led leadership training schools in many parts of the world, and she travels regularly to teach about YWAM’s core values and principles. She has also been one of YWAM’s most enthusiastic champions of the Discipleship Training School.

One of her greatest heart motivations is to discover leadership giftings in young men and women and help them to reach their full potential in God.

Darlene is eagerly sought as a speaker worldwide because she is recognized as a woman of faith and wisdom who hears from God. She is uniquely qualified and experienced to give leadership to those within Youth With A Mission because she understands the lifestyle, pressures and joys of the mission from an inside perspective. Whatever the context, she constantly points the hearer to God’s faithfulness in every situation, and to His great grace.

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Los valores importan

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