And the Secret of Their Greatness
By Eric Metaxas

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What makes a great man great?

How did George Washington resist the temptation to become the first king of America, and why did William Wilberforce give up the change to be prime minister of England? What enabled Jackie Robinson to surrender his right to fight back against racists, or Dietrich Bonhoeffer to jeopardize his freedom and safety to defy the Nazis? In this stirring and inspiring new work, New York Times best-selling author Eric Metaxas reclaims a long-lost sense of the heroic - the idea that certain lives are worthy of emulation. Get to know the seven men in this book, and your life will be immeasurably richer.

Eric Metaxas is the author of New York Times #1 bestseller Bonhoeffer, the bestseller Amazing Grace, and more than thirty other books. He lives in New York with his wife and daughter

Pages: 272 (paperback)

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  • ISBN: 9780718030957
  • SKU: 30957d

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