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These exciting, challenging, and deeply touching true stories chronicle the lives of ordinary men and women whose trust in God accomplished extraordinary exploits for His kingdom and glory. The exciting life stories of these heroes will inspire the readers as they witness the drama of faith and character being tested under the most extreme circumstances. This is a premier biography line for the entire family. Seven exciting biographies!

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NATE SAINT: On a Wing and a Prayer
Flying soon captured Nate's heart. His air-service ministry to isolated missionaries put him on a path of destiny that would ultimately end with a final airplane flight with four missionary friends to the "Palm Beach" landing strip in the jungles of Ecuador. The men's lives given that day not only opened a door to the gospel for the unreached "Aucas"; it has been said that possibly no single event of the twentieth century awakened more hearts to God's call to serve in missions (1923-1956).

Paperback is 208 pages
Audiobook CD is 4:35 hours. The audio CD is in MP3 format.

Richard Wurmbrand, founder of Voice of the Martyrs, was once a young atheist determined to experience everything the world had to offer. Yet he regretted that God did not exist, wishing that a heart of love beat somewhere in the universe. When the Romanian found that heart of love in Jesus Christ, he had the courage to serve Christ unswervingly even as his homeland sided with the Nazis and then sank into the new horrors of post-war Communism. Stubbornly respecting the worst enemies as fellow human beings and repaying hatred with love, the beloved pastor would spend years as a prisoner of the state, tortured and beaten, for preaching the gospel of peace (1909–2001).

Paperback is 208 pages
Audiobook CD is 5:22 hours.

WILLIAM BOOTH: Soup, Soap, and Salvation
Horrified by the poverty and suffering most people took for granted in industrial England, William Booth dedicated his life to bringing the gospel to the outcasts of society who would never enter a church and weren't welcome there. At age fifteen William vowed, "God shall have all there is of William Booth," and not even resistance from the church and government, lack of financial support, or vicious attacks by angry mobs could stop him from spreading the light of the gospel through the streets of England. Today, all around the world, general William Booth's Salvation Army operates thousands of evangelistic and social service centers, changing countless lives with the love of God and the courage of their convictions (1829-1912).

Paperback is 208 pages
Audiobook CD is 5:02 hours.

DAVID BUSSAU: Facing the World Head-On
David Bussau grew up in New Zealand boys' homes where expectations of the young men were grim. David shattered those expectations, emerging as an enterprising teenager running a rented hot dog stand. Numerous business ownerships and financial success followed, and with that success, a vision to provide natural disaster relief and aid to the poor in Australia, Indonesia, India, and beyond. Today David's work continues through Opportunity International, a worldwide aid organization that offers small business loans to help the poor start and grow their own businesses. Certain of his direction, this hero to the world's poor is looking ahead, using business to advance the kingdom of God (1940- ).

Paperback is 208 pages
Audiobook CD is 5:08 hours.

CHARLES MULLI: We are Family
When Charles Mulli was a child, his family repeatedly abandoned him, and he lived in fear of his abusive, alcoholic father. With an extraordinary will, the young Kenyan struggled to feed and educate himself and, encountering hope in the gospel, found a reason to live and to forgive. Later, as a multimillionaire and father of eight, the entrepreneur sold his businesses to devote himself to caring for street children throughout Kenya. Since 1989, Charles and his wife, Esther, have taken into their protection thousands of the most vulnerable through Mully Children’s Family, revealing in the midst of brokenness God’s astonishing redemptive power (1949- ). 

Paperback is 192 pages
Audiobook CD is 4:57 hours.


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