Out of the Ice
The Healing Power of Christ in Greenland
By Errol Martens

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“How can I forgive my father?” the elderly man said. “It was 56 years ago but I still feel anger toward him for kicking me around like a soccer ball.” This man in turn had wounded his own wife, children, and grandchildren.

Can healing and reconciliation be experienced in the heart of one who has been deeply wounded? Errol Martens dedicated more than three decades of his life to reaching the snow-filled villages of Greenland for Jesus and saw scores of individuals experience the gospel of peace for the first time. 

Through his moving testimony, Errol shows how many who are wounded can’t go through this process alone. Jesus the Healer leads the way, along with skilled biblical counselors, compassionate ministries, and buoyant churches. The work begins below the surface of our lives, breaking through anger, fear, conflict, and addiction and rising in new life—the place where by His wounds we are healed.

About the author:
Errol Martens, an ordained minister, experienced life-changing missions trips overseas, years of Bible training and a pastorate before his long-term calling – Greenland. Having lived in and continuously travelled to Greenland, he has served as YWAM Greenland Coordinator since 1984. His wife, and their four children, lived much of the adventure together.

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