We are now partnering with YWAM’s Homes of Hope International ministries!

We place a starter-library of 51 Spanish-language Christian books from our Christian Heroes: Then & Now and Christian Heroes for Young Readers book series in each new home being built. The Homes of Hope ministry has been building homes for the poor since the first house went up in Tijuana, Mexico in 1990. Since then, they have built over 8,000 homes worldwide!

We are partnering with them in their Spanish language countries. Since we started this partnership last year, Christian libraries have been placed in more than 60 newly constructed homes. For more info on Homes of Hope go to: As literature is scarce in these impoverished neighborhoods, it is our belief that these books for young readers and families will end up being shared around the communities, reaching many with the Christian witness.

  • $61.20 will place 51 Christian Heroes: Then & Now books in Spanish into a newly constructed home for an impoverished Spanish-speaking family living in Mexico.

  • Publisher: 0764224859
  • ISBN: HOH22
  • SKU: HOH22

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