Book 3: Not Without Courage
By T. Elizabeth Renich

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The third book in a one-of-a-kind 3-book series about the American Civil War
In the Spring of 1863, General J.E.B. Stuart is in command of nearly 10,000 Rebel Cavalrymen. Salina Hastings is caught in the path of converging armies and a horrifying three-day battle at Gettysburg - a battle known as the High Water Mark of the Confederacy.
With distinctive historical accuracy based on years of research both on and off site, skilled storyteller T. Elizabeth Renich brings to life the Civil War and a Confederate family's determined struggle for survival in the midst of this magnificent explosion of history. Set against crucial battles and raids and intriguing lesser-known aspects of the War between the States, the Shadowcreek Chronicles are relentless in their passion for history and story.
Pages: 344 (paperback)

  • Publisher: Emerald Books
  • ISBN: 188300232X
  • SKU: 0232X

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