50 Veteran Homeschoolers Share Their Experience
By Bill and Diana Waring

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This indispensable guide makes available to novices, long-timers, and parents just testing the waters the time-earned secrets of 50 veteran homeschooling families. Pioneers and leaders in the homeschooling community discuss the following concepts:

  • The Basics - Keeping the fun in it
  • The Concepts - Redefining the 3 R's, Curriculum: tool or tyrant?
  • The Priorities - You can't do it all and don't have to
  • God's Involvement - Home educating for eternity
  • Character and Academics - Developing the worker and the tools
  • The Blessings - Homeschooling pieces our hearts together, and much, much more
A valuable and indispensible guide to homeschooling and an inspiration for your own journey!
Pages: 232 (paperback)

  • Publisher: Emerald Books
  • ISBN: 9781883002428
  • SKU: 02427

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