Fulfilling Christ's Commission Completely
By Steve Saint

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Our practice of sending a few highly specialized troops to fight the enemy while leaving the vast majority of Christians out of the spiritual battle is our great omission.
In this powerful call for the inclusion of indigenous believers in the Great Commission, Steve Saint, the son of Nate Saint, shows how current missions strategies have unwittingly harmed the indigenous church and kept millions of believers from fulfilling their roles in God's kingdom - and millions of others from hearing the Good News.
In the same spirit as his father, Steve Saint picks up the torch as he shares his strategic insight concerning world missions.

Steve Saint - born and raised in South America by North American parents, Steve Saint has gone on to be a businessman, missionary, pilot, builder, designer, certified financial planner, speaker, and writer. Son of missionary martyr Nate Saint, Steve has become "family" to the tribe who killed his father. His unique life has given him a perspective on the Great Commission that is vital to the Body of Christ.
Pages: 208 (paperback)

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