A Cry From The Streets: Rescuing Brazil's Forgotten Children
By Jeannette Lukasse

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In the dark world of the Brazilian streets, children, toddlers and teenagers search trash cans for food, steal knives to protect themselves at night, and live in fear of being beaten or even killed by the police. For these desperately needy children, nothing was free - until they encountered the love of Jesus through the compassion of Jeannette and Johan Lukasse.
When this young Dutch couple asked God if He could use them to do something about the immense suffering they saw in the world, He led them on a winding path from their home in the Netherlands to the coast of Greece and eventually to the streets of Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Their calling was clear: millions of orphaned and abandoned children were living and dying on the streets, caught in the deadly grip of drugs, violence, prostitution, and abuse.
What followed the Lukasse's step of faith is a stunning example of how God miraculously uses the surrendered lives of believers to transform the lives of others with His hope and healing.

International Adventures series - Amazing true stories of spiritual victory and personal triumph. On every continent, in every nation, God is at work in and through the lives of believers. From the streets of Amsterdam to remote Pacific islands to the jungles of Ecuador and beyond, each international adventure that emerges is a dramatic episode that could be directed only by the hand of God...
Pages: 224 (paperback)
Ages: 14+

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The Lukasse's are offering 2 booklets for free download in eleven different languages, written by Phyllis Kilborn. They are used for trauma counseling with children who have gone through collective trauma. The downloads are There is Hope for Me!, which is a trauma recovery workbook for children, and There is Hope, which is a facilitators guide. Click Here to leave our site and go to their site for the download.

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