Finding Your Purpose -
Becoming All You Were Meant to Be
By Zondervan

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Reflecting God's Glory, Doing God's Work
"I know I'm here for a reason -- but what?" Good question: What's your purpose in life? If you haven't discovered the answer yet, you're about to. And if you're not certain you even have a purpose, get ready for a wonderful surprise. Because you were carefully and lovingly created to reflect God's glory and do his work in ways that are uniquely you. And as these six sessions reveal, God is fully able to strengthen your character, call forth the gifts he's given you, and set you firmly on a path towards fulfilling your destiny.
This study guide takes you on a journey to faith at the cutting edge. Prepare to meet Jesus in ways that will expand your paradigm of Christianity, liberate your spiritual passion, and fill you with joy and spiritual vigor.

Each chapter includes study questions. Six sessions. Perfect for individuals and small groups.
Pages: 112 (paperback)

  • Publisher: Zondervan
  • ISBN: 031022702x
  • SKU: 2702x

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