Lords of the Earth
By Don Richardson

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Their strictest obedience and deepest sorrow had not satisfied their gods
In Irian Jaya's remote Snow Mountains lived the Yali cannibals who called themselves "lords of the earth." Yet, in terror and bondage they served women-hating, child-despising gods. Bowing to the kembu spirits, Yali men rendered fearful obedience, even executing children.
When missionary Stan Dale dared to enter the domain of this stone-age people, he embarked on a course that would swiftly bring him, his wife, and his companions into a bloody life-or-death struggle with the Yali's complex region. He did not know what chilling hazards awaited him, nor at what cost the Yali would at last know the love of their Redeemer.
Pages: 320 (paperback)
Ages: 14+

International Adventures series - Amazing true stories of spiritual victory and personal triumph. On every continent, in every nation, God is at work in and through the lives of believers. From the streets of Amsterdam to remote Pacific islands to the jungles of Ecuador and beyond, each international adventure that emerges is a dramatic episode that could be directed only by the hand of God...

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