Activity Guide for Books 13-16
By Renee Taft Meloche

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Many young readers and families with children have enjoyed the vividly illustrated, rhyming Heroes for Young Readers books. Now these popular children's books are supplemented with the new Heroes for Young Readers Activity Guides.

This activity guide contains activities for the following four Heroes for Young Readers books:

Are you a teacher, homeschool parent, or Sunday-school teacher? The Heroes for Young Readers Activity Guides are tested learning tools that kids are sure to enjoy. Designed to accompany the vibrant Heroes for Young Readers books and proven to work in the classroom, these fun-filled activity guides are effective teaching tools that lead young children through a variety of character-building and educational activities.

The guides allow for great flexibility by letting teachers or parents pick and choose from the activities, tailoring the books to their needs. For those who want to complete all the activities, each guide contains a detailed thirteen-week syllabus for both thirty- or forty-five-minute class sessions.

Children learn from the lives of godly Christian heroes through:

  • Character-building lessons with discussion questions and visual aids
  • Songs with lyrics and music charts
  • Coloring pages containing memorable images of each hero
  • Craft projects for practicing skills and creating keepsakes
  • Dramas to reinforce good character qualities
  • Cultural pages about places where the hero ministered
  • Maps and flags of nations where the hero lived
  • Creative exercises like fact quizzes, rhymes, and crossword puzzles

Ages: 5-10
Pages: 88 (paperback)

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  • SKU: 83708

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