Once you have found the book(s) you want to order, you need to place your order. The following instructions are meant to be a guideline. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-922-2143 or

When you are ready to order a book
Click the Add to Cart button located at the bottom of the book description page, next to the quantity box.
Shopping Cart
This section allows you to preview what you are about to order. You may change the quantity by changing the number in the Quantity box. You may also delete the product by clicking the Delete button next the to quantity box.
  • Click the Update Cart button when you make any changes to quantity.
  • Click the Continue Shopping button to return to the purchasing section of the website if you want to add more items to your order.
  • If you are ready to check out, click the Check Out Now button to go to the next step in the checkout process.
This section is also where you can enter any coupon/discount codes you may have. Make sure to click the Update Cart button once you have entered the code so that the discounts show.
The last section on this page is where you can write a note that will go with the order. Use the box below ORDER NOTES to write in any special instructions to go with your order.
Check Out - User Registration
When you register, the following features become available to you: 
  • Check your order status and order history
  • Retain your cart information
  • Save your shipping / billing information
  • Subscribe to our email lists
  • Add items to your wish list
  • Set up a gift registry
  • Easily reorder items
  • You can rate products
Check Out - Customer Registration
  • Please fill out all shipping and billing information on this form. Once your user name and password are created, you can log on directly to the site next time. 
  • You may choose to receive emails of sales and special promotions. If you do not want to be contacted via email, please uncheck the box in the Account and Contact Info section.
  • Once you have entered the shipping and billing information, click the Create Account & Continue Checkout button at the bottom of the page. This will take you to the Shipping Options section.


Check Out - Shipping Options
This is where you choose what shipping option you would like to use.
  • We offer free shipping in the U.S.A on any order over $60, before taxes (if applicable). However, this is free Media Mail (bookrate) shipping only. If you would like another shipping method, please choose that here.
  • For international orders, please choose the International Shipping option. Since this charge varies from country to country, we will get back to you with the cost via email for your approval before your order is finalized and shipped out.
When you have marked what shipping option you would like to use, click the Continue Check Out button. This will take you to the Payment Information section.
Check Out - Payment Information
Select what payment method you would like to use, then enter all applicable credit card information. Click the Continue Check Out button. This will take you to the Order Confirmation section. 
Check Out - Order Confirmation
This is where you confirm that all information is correct. If you need to make any correction, click the back button. You can still edit order information, use the click here link. If all the information is correct, click the Place Order button. You will receive a receipt via email confirming your order.
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