Revolutionary Christianity for a Postmodern World
By Olu Robbin-Coker

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With a unique and timely perspective into Christianity and culture, Olu Robbin-Coker invites us into his personal journey of faith in a way that illumines our own. From his native Sierra Leone to his adopted Scotland, this fresh voice from the global church speaks powerfully to the challenge of living an authentic Christian life in a postmodern world. Grounded in the loving heart of God and the power of Scripture, Manifesto calls us to embrace the full message of the gospel and the simplicity of following Jesus' model of sacrifice, humility, and reliance on the Spirit. Here in your hands is an invitation to look UP to God, DOWN into yourself, IN to the church, and OUT to culture and the world at large.
"Jesus was not a white man. He was not a westerner. He called for a revolution, an overthrow of the religious establishment. Manifesto carries on the revolution started by Jesus. Olu Robbin-Coker, an African living in Europe, captures the heart of the revolution. He understands the non-Western, non-white heart of our faith. He calls us to repudiate religion and follow Jesus. Run, don't walk, to the nearest bookstore and buy this book!"
- Floyd McClung, international director of All Nations
"What I really appreciate about Olu's Manifesto is that it reads like an unfolding conversation rather than a strict religious creed. Here is one believer unpacking his spiritual pilgrimage for the rest of us and inviting us into the journey with him. I count it a real honor to have traveled part of this journey with Olu and an even greater honor to call him my friend."
- Trent Sheppard, Status teaching pastor and YWAM speaker
"Olu teaches the way Jesus advocates in John 7:17 when Jesus said that the only way to learn true doctrine was to be willing to do his Father's will. Olu's fascinating journey of faith and discipleship, which he tells in his book, opens up and illuminates the excitement of a life with Jesus. As he obeys, he understands, and makes us hungry to follow Christ also. A great inspirational read."
- Roger Forster, cofounder, Ichtus Christian Fellowship
Pages: 269 (paperback)

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