A Challenge to Servant Leadership in a Power-Hungry World
By Denny Gunderson

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What is the key to effective leadership?

  • The ability to organize and take charge?
  • The ability to preach and teach?
  • Entrepreneurial skill?
  • A charismatic personality?
According to Jesus, none of the above.
Jesus is unarguably the greatest leader the world has ever seen. His three years of public ministry in an obscure and troublesome corner of the Roman Empire not only irrevocably changed Roman civilization, but every other civilization that has subsequently emerged. Yet, remarkably, Jesus spoke very little about leadership and even less about how to attain it.

Perhaps that is why many of today's corporate-driven churches prefer to draw upon the leadership styles of Moses, David, Nehemiah, or Paul. Denny Gunderson challenges us to think again.

This refreshingly candid book draws us to the Master's side. From this vantage point, we observe Jesus through the eyes of people who experienced him firsthand. And through their eyes we discover surprising insights that will challenge us to rethink our leadership stereotypes.
This book is part of our Discipleship Essentials series.
Pages: 199 (paperback)

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  • SKU: 83791

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