Vishal Mangalwadi

Vishal Mangalwadi (1949-), described by Christianity Today as “India’s foremost Christian intellectual,” is an international lecturer, social reformer, political columnist, and author of fourteen books.

Born and raised in India, Dr. Mangalwadi studied philosophy at secular universities, at L’Abri Fellowship in Switzerland, and in Hindu ashrams. In 1976 he turned down several job offers in the West to return to India, where he and his wife, Ruth, founded a community to serve the rural poor. Their efforts to transform rural India resulted in violent opposition, several arrests, and the burning down of their home and community. Vishal continued to work for the empowerment and liberation of peasants and the lower castes at the national headquarters of two political parties. His firsthand experience of social evils motivated him to study how the West became a relatively just, free, and prosperous civilization. Truth and Transformation is one of several results of that study.

In 2003 William Carey International University honored Vishal’s life, service, and books with a Doctor of Laws (LLD) degree. Vishal and Ruth have two daughters and five grandchildren. 

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