Pursuing Art and Beauty for the Discipling of Nations
By Darrow Miller with Stan Guthrie

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The art we consume changes the way we think, so where are the artists who speak Godly truth through their art, the balladeers that disciple the nations through their respective mediums?

We need a new generation of balladeers. Culture is upstream from economics, politics and society. Who shapes culture more than anyone else? It is the artists, those who consciously create or critique culture with their art. These people may be called modern-day balladeers.
You may be wondering, “What is a balladeer?” Balladeers are gifted Christian artists who have learned to understand and apply the biblical worldview to their life and work, thus bringing truth, beauty, and goodness to bear on the culture surrounding them. Our world desperately needs them now more than ever. They are singers and songwriters, playwrights and filmmakers, writers and poets, painters and sculptors, choreographers and composers, architects and fashion designers. From these gifted artists we must call forth a movement of modern-day balladeers.

"As I have traveled around the world, I have been convicted about the need for Christian artists to intentionally and prophetically speak to their nations through their art. I have felt a burden to complete this book to help artists understand their calling, their influence, and the firm biblical foundation for their vocation."
-- Darrow L. Miller 



"As a classically-trained pianist, I struggled all my life to find an all-encompassing definition of the term 'Christian music'. This powerful book reclaims the realm of beauty under the Kingdom of God, breaking through the four walls of the visible church into the whole Creation under Christ. Hungrily and joyfully, I read every page. As a musician, I felt validated, whole, and inspired.

In simple, yet profound language, beauty has regained its rightful place in the Kingdom of God and those called for the 'Creative Commission', will be better equipped to restore the Cult (Worship) and redeem the Culture with this one book
- Jenny Jee-El Park, Artist in Residence, Wilberforce International Institute, and Assistant Director, Music Across Borders

"While there are many excellent books that have been written on the arts and faith, this one stands out. It's theological depth, fresh insight, personal stories, and profound challenge - all written in an easily accessible style - make for a unique contribution."
- Colin Harbinson, International Director, Stoneworks, Global Arts Initiative

"The artist has always played an important role in society, but perhaps never more so than today. During periods of shifting identity and hegemony, such as ours, it is vital that those fluent in the language of symbolism and beauty remind us of the eternal truths of our human identity and divine image. In this books, Darrow helps the thinking artist to grasp the meaning and responsibilities of their sacred vocation."
- Jeremy John Wells, Actor, Filmmaker, Fine Artist, Vertero Films

Pages: 256 (paperback)
Includes a study guide after each chapter.

Darrow Miller is co-founder of Disciple Nations Alliance and the author of Discipling Nations, LifeWork, Don't Let Schooling Stand in the Way of Education, and many other books, articles, and Bible studies. For over forty years, he has taught internationally on worldview and development, apologetics, Postmodernism, and the dignity of women.

To find additional resources related to the book, attend online webinars with the author, and connect with the Balladeer community, visit a acallforballadeers.com

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