A Biblical Look at Mentoring
By Carolyn Ros

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We all want to live a life that is valuable, that makes the world a better place for those who will come after us. We need shoulders to stand on, well-worn paths on uneven ground, someone who we believe in, who cheers us on or corrects us. I think these are important qualities of a mentor, that calls forth respect by their lifestyle rather than their words, is wise and knows God.”
- Rinke Verkerk, journalist & columnist

A relay race is an image of how one generation can pass on valuable life principles to another. In our society we have delegated compassion and care to the professionals, when all that may be needed is a shoulder to lean on, a cup of tea and time, a listening ear and heart, someone who is available and willing to be a sounding board. Passing the Baton: Linking the Generations explores the blessing when generations work together. 

The author shows what is needed to be a good mentor but also what is expected of the mentee. She gives biblical examples that we can learn from. Each chapter includes questions to reflect on with additional points to consider. 

Carolyn Ros is married, mother, a nana and spiritual mother to many. She works as staff with Youth With A Mission in Amsterdam and is active as a mentor, teacher and trainer. Carolyn has a passion to see the next generation spiritually equipped. 

Pages: 144 (paperback)

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  • SKU: 61272

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